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How To Start Coaching - Awaken Your Coaching Passion And Build A Business


Do you have a passion to help others? Pehaps it's time for the inner coach in you to arise

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Do you have a passion to help others, to reach out and see them getting a result in life that you have experienced yourself and want to share your experience with them?

Perhaps now is the time to awaken the sleeping coaching giant within you, to get out there and just start doing something to help others move from A to B, to transform themselves.

Coaching, at its most fundamental level, is simply helping others get from where they are now to where they want to be, i.e. from where you once were but now are, usually just a step or two ahead.

But coaching can also give you an amazing business for life, giving you financial freedom and a heightened sense of purpose.

In this video, I outline the ways you can start finding potential clients to help/coach in a meaningful way and get results and grow a coaching business you love.

What’s stopping from making a statement of intent to listen to your heart and follow your coaching passion? Go for it!

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1. Finding what makes you come alive and going out to follow your heart

2. Identifying your client and the niche to work in

3. Giving them the outcome or the result they need right now

4. The way you will help them get the transformation they need

5. How to just start doing consistent things to build your coaching brand

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