My name is Euan, a Cornwall (UK) based hypnotherapist and transformation coach.

I help you change beliefs about yourself and what is possible for you to achieve; to have freedom from whatever is holding you back and to create new possibilities for an extraordinary life!

All that you seek is within you. Through resources such as hypnotherapy, meditation, coaching and courses, I help you unlock this potential and experience an enhanced life in your body, mind, soul & spirit.

You can find out more about me here.

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Huge personal impact from Euan, I can attest to his profound influence on my life and others.

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This free guided meditation connects with your unconscious to explore and release meaning and purpose for living in accordance with your values and beliefs.

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"Beautiful, loved this and just a wave of happiness that made me feel that everything will be alright and I can live without the things that have been the cause of a lot of personal stress." - D.C.

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I have experienced more clarity, purpose, and enhanced skills. Euan's approach goes beyond conventional methods; it's a personalised journey that really helped me to find, believe and connect with my purpose and potential.

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