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For over twenty-five years, I have been involved in helping others find purpose and meaning in life through spiritual leadership, coaching, entrepreneurship and more recently, hypnotherapy, all to awaken our higher human consciousness.

I began my personal search for meaning in my twenties and moved from the UK to live in the Middle East. There, I became involved in a spiritual community and connected with many different faith communities.

It was a hugely formative time for me and shaped all that has happened to me since; within and without.

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At that time and subsequently, I realised that the common thread in the human experience is the search for meaning in life; who am I and what should I do with my life?

These are profound questions and affect all of us. When we go deeper into ourselves and remain open to all possibilities, we can experience a shift in our human consciousness and discover that much of 'universal truth' lies within us; latent and ready to be awakened.

However, knowing how to do this is not something most people find easy and often resistance to change prevents the awakening of an individual and therefore a life lived on the level of mediocrity; unfulfilled and with no guiding sense of purpose.

In recent years, I have undergone another profound and personal change in spiritual consciousness and inner awakening, building further and deeper on what had already been a 25 year journey of enlightenment. Call it a 'rebirth'.

My personalised approach combines ancient wisdom and contemporary scientific understanding, spiritual ascension and empowerment through transformational coaching and hypnotherapy at the subconscious level.

I help guide you to achieve true mind,soul and spirit equilibrium based on a path that is unique to you, giving permanent transformation in the shortest time, creating a profound dimension of living that has always been waiting to be released within you.

From my heart to yours.