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Guard Your Words To Create The Reality You Want


Like our thoughts, our words can run riot if we are not diligent to control what comes out of mouth. And this has huge consequences. Here's why

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Like our thoughts, our words can run riot if we are not diligent to control what comes out of mouth. This then can create certain consequences in our life due to the potential of words for either good or bad.

Most of us have ongoing, internal dialogues throughout the day. Have you ever listened to what you are saying? Is it a force for good or bad? Is it influencing negatively and moving you AWAY from manifesting the ideal life you seek.

As we think, so we speak. As we speak, so we create, for good or evil, to build or break down.

In this video, I outline why we need to watch over what we say, how to say it differently and how are words, like our thoughts, are powerful attractors that are a creative force to bring to us, what we seek from the Divine.


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