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Coaches Must Sell The Transformation


Nobody buys your coaching time or program. People want a result so sell them the transformation they will get!

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If you are a coach in any niche, then you are offering a specific result to someone who has a specific 'pain point' right now. This is something they need a solution on that they cannot get for themselves.

Many coaches, skilled as they are, major on how they can help people in vague, non-detailed ways. It sounds inspirational but being vague does not help your potential client know if you have what they need, to get out of the situation they find themselves in.

To help people and grow qualified leads into your coaching pipeline, you have to tell people the specific result you will deliver for them. You have to sell the transformation; this is what people need and this is what people pay for.

I hope this video clarifies how to sell transformation and ultimately sells YOU more effectively to the ideal clients you really want to work with you.

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