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The Abundance Of The Universe

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About: That limitless flow of all you need is a gift waiting for you to receive and apply today! This truly is a meditation for breakthrough manifestation and realising what you want from life because the Universe is unlimited and will give you what you seek.

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Sample: The Abundance Of The Universe

Product Description

Did you know that you are not merely living in the immensity of our universe, but that in fact, you are the Universe and the Universe is you!

We have long separated ourselves and our thinking from how we see the Universe as cold, external, forbidding. But, we are literally made from the same stuff as stars, of galaxies, of exotic matter, the matter that constitutes our material universe.

However, the connection is deeper than that and far more profound. As we share the nature of the Universe, we not only inherit its destiny but also have access to all the goodness, the mysteries and ultimately the abundance the Universe holds in store for us!

This guided breakthrough meditation will take you through a purposeful journey from whatever is your present need or want and transform your thinking and ultimate reality to one of unlimited prospering in all areas of life.

It will prepare your life for both receiving and imparting abundance to others in your life and open every dimension in your mind, body, soul and spirt to fruitfulness and abound with unrestricted access to all you need.

The Universe wants to give you from all it has. It is yours and this abundance is waiting to be activated today in your life. Will you receive the gift?

Help: Listen to this guided meditation every day for 21 days for maximum transformational impact. Further help once purchased.

Meditation duration: 24 mins.



Rating: 5/5
"This is amazing. Just connected with myself and the universe and its incredible how quickly you can manifest what you need." - Jasmine H