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Before You Start A New Business, Ask These Questions


You have an idea for business, something you love to do and want to monetise and are about to take your idea to market as a business. Hold on...

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How do you know your business idea is going to fly? Because you think it is a good idea or because there is a tangible need for what you are offering?

Before you get ready to count the $$$, here are 4 questions that just may save you time and money and some heartache in the long-term:

1. Do you know the audience you are looking for?

2. Do you understand the niche you want to appeal to?

3. Do you have the skills to service that niche?

4. Do you have the passion/beliefs to sustain the business?

Answer these and you will be better positioned to run a successful business or save your money and truly find a niche made for you!

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