You're Meant To Be Here...



This is how it all began...

In my twenties, I had a powerful spiritual experience. Moved abroad and joined a spiritual community, then a leader.

I had meaning and purpose in life which gave me a sense of mission.

I felt alive and wanted to change the world!

Came back to the UK and the sense of purpose remained strong. For a while...

I became restless, started to question everything I had previously given my life for.

My 'invincible' faith crumbled, my marriage failed and my father died unexpectantly. Later, my mother and a brother passed away.

Loss and doubt led to an existential crisis; WHAT'S THE POINT OF MY LIFE?



Success But...

In that low period, I read about the Law Of Attraction and how to use it to activate your dream life. I was curious...

I created a vision board with images of things I wanted to manifest in life.

I imagined money, exotic holidays, 5 star hotels, fast cars, first-class travel, luxury goods, etc.

Did it work? I manifested it all, just as I had visualised and affirmed it.

I had a number of businesses, turning over 7 figures. Materially, I had it all.

But, something still wasn't right. I had 'shiny objects' but these didn't go deep enough.



Then This Happened...

A year of soul searching followed. I had to answer the question for the purpose of my life. OR DIE TRYING.

Life went back to basics. Whatever I had to do, whatever the personal cost, I was committed and man, it cost on every level.

It was lonely, but I persisted. And someone or something, somewhere, was working quietly in the background...

AND THEN EVERYTHING ALIGNED! The answer came. The Universe gave me THE blueprint to create the life I truly wanted.

It was a huge download. In that instant, I discovered an ultimate purpose for living, fulfillment and future beyond everything I acquired before.

I'd found the code to know who you truly are at the most fundamental level and knew it was something that would unlock purpose in thousands of others' lives AND avoid the crises I had gone through to get there!

What I found then and combined with 30 years of success and helping many others in personal transformation, I have put into an INSTANT ACCESS mini-course that will change your life in 24 hours!

Finding your true north that gives you meaning and purpose does not need to take a lifetime to discover.

You can know it now and below I'm going to show you how...


"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why."
- Mark Twain


Recognising both the high and low moments in my life and some of them were really low, I worked out what would work for people like you to come through their own longing to give their life meaning and enjoy an irresistable life of purposeful living.

What helped me come through and flourish in life is something that I now help people with because I have been where you are and it's hard to believe there is a way through it all....but there truly is and I have packaged it so you too can know it as a reality for yourself!

This is my purpose in life, it's simple:

"I help people find personal purpose and unlimited potential to live extraordinary lives and make the world a better place."
- Euan Jupp

I want to help you get from where you are stuck now to a place of meaning and purpose in life, to give you direction and the blueprint of how to do this exactly.

I know your pain and frustrations. The helplessness is real and it seems no-one is coming to save you from the lack you feel right now. But, this mini-course has found you at the right time my friend.

I'm manifesting the results you need RIGHT NOW AND RIGHT HERE.

From all I have gone through, I've created a highly effective mini-coursecourse that will systematically bring you from the current void in your life to higher living through purpose and awakened inner potential.

It is called, 'Life Without Limits'. This is not BS; it has proven itself for me and others.



Video Teaching

Videos that explore the following:

Why Meaning & Purpose Are Important

What Is Purpose?

How To Find Purpose In Life

Finding Your Strengths & Abilities

Future Planning Your Life

How To Align Everything To Achieve Success

Unlocking Your True Potential

Manifest Your Destiny

Limiting Beliefs Removed

Heightened Wellbeing

And More...

VALUE: $497



Worksheets & Actions

Helpful reinforcement of learning with worksheets and practical things to do.

Learning Objectives

Leading Questions

Practical Insights

Work At Your Own Pace

Questions For Discovery

Inspirational Quotes

Systematic Progress

VALUE: $49



2 Bonus Meditations

Using the key concepts taught in the course, a powerful PURPOSE meditation can be used whenever you need to strengthen your commitment to the purpose you awaken in this course.

Also included a deep, 25 minute, subconscious impact Abundance Of The Universe meditation, will unlock your connection with the unlimited abundance of the Universe. That limitless flow of all you need is here waiting!

High Subsconscious Impact

Raises Energy & Frequency Levels

Aids Manifesting Your Purpose

Create Abundance In All Life Areas!

Download & Take With You

VALUE: $29







"Easy to follow along and showed me a lot that I never knew was inside me and how to create something amazing for my life."

- Paul L.

"I have experienced more clarity, purpose, and enhanced skills. Euan's approach goes beyond conventional methods; it's a personalised journey that really helped me to find, believe and connect with my purpose and potential."

- David C.

"I suffer a lot from limiting beliefs about what I can and cannot do. The teaching here showed me that actually, we can do anything we want when we have found what makes us alive and I discovered a number of things here that helped me to find focus and meaning for my life. Excellent! "

- Yael Y.



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It will cost you everything now and long-term if you don't awaken your life purpose.

Nothing is going to change if you don't take control and make the changes to find deep meaning and purpose in your life.

It's up to you...but I'm walking with you to take you through the process that saved my life and gave me life-time meaning and a reason for living that is greater than myself.

The world needs you to come alive and discover your reason for living and to make this world a better place!

Twenty-five plus years years of entrepreneurship, leadership and coaching others to breakthrough, have showed me what are the most important things in life to bring lasting purpose.

I want to help YOU today find deep meaning and purpose in your life and to release the amazing potential that is waiting to be awakened.

JOIN ME NOW, I'm waiting for you inside...and so is an incredible purpose, unique to you.



Yes! I Want To Know My Life Purpose!

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"The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for."
- Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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