About Euan

"I help people create a unique coaching brand around their passion that creates financial freedom and personal fulfilment."

Hi, I am Euan and I live in Cornwall, in the UK.

Twenty-five combined years of entrepreneurship, leadership and coaching others, have taught me the things that make for meaningful fulfillment in the areas of life that matter.

Through these years, I have driven high-achieving businesses in sectors such as web technology, marketing, travel, physical products, education, communication and personal development niches.

Success is as much about the recovery from failure than simply racking up $$$ but never having character put to the test through overcoming the extremities that come through loss and disappointment.

I am glad for both the highs and lows of business and leadership; they have enabled me in mentoring others from my experiences. Through it all, I have been blessed to grow my life in every area of my outer and inner being.

Provoking others to take action and see results has been the natural outflow of all my business and personal experiences; through coaching and providing transformational resources to move people from where they are to where they want to be.

Often, the distance between the former and latter is smaller than we know; we just need somebody who has been there, ahead of us, to help us map out the transformation and what steps to take.

Perhaps you are asking: "What's the big deal with personal coaching? Do I really need it?

I understand why people might push back against the idea of getting help. Afterall, we all like to believe we can go it alone, that to ask for help is an admission of defeat, an undermining of our perceived abilities to get the job done by ourselves.

Without doubt, the breakthroughs in my business, spiritual and personal life came through committing to the wise voices of others, those who were ahead of me, people who were where I wanted to get to and in many cases, surpassed my own vision.

People who could see that I had talents and vision but in some areas, my mind was locked up with self-limiting beliefs, unable or perhaps unwilling to shift to new patterns of thinking that would have brought inner transformation sooner rather than later.

The realisation of all we seek in life is first designed in our minds through the elimination of restrictive thinking and then applying sound mindset principles to literally reprogram our minds to the desired outcomes we want.

The behaviours that follow the right application of renewed thinking is literally 'mind-blowing'! From here, stream all the realisation of your dreams, goals, success.

I would love to speak to you to find out what may have caused you stop moving in life, why you have lost your motivation that you once had.

The thoughts we have and the limiting beliefs we allow to determine the direction of our life can be identified and quickly replaced with 'new thinking'; thinking that will transform the outcomes you can achieve in life.... a life lived with purpose.

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